Tiger Soul

by Oyster Boys



We Are Oyster Boys!

A sudden surge of emotions on the way back home from work, a never ending night at the city, your tired hands from the city life, and the nonsensical jokes murmured to you as they hold your hands gently. Oyster Boys’ first studio album [Tiger Soul] comforts our exhausted city life with twelve mischievous and intimate songs.

Oyster Boys had formed in 2003 and been performing mainly at Club Bbang, and in March 2007, they released the EP [Laughing Aah~] including 6 songs. With the touch of psychedelic rock, groovy reggae, and the rock/pop sound from America, Britain and Korea, Oyster Boys have combined all and generated something of their own in their EP album. They have been selected as the “New Currents” for Gwang-Myeong Music Valley Festival and “The Rookie of the Year for Music Y in 2007 and was nominated for the Modern Rock Singles category at Korean Music Awards for their song “오늘밤은 영원히 기억될 밤.” After participating in [Club Bbang Compilation 3] with the song “들꽃,” Oyster Boys started preparing for their first studio album in the summer of 2008.

Tiger Soul

The work of the first studio album began from the objective evaluation of the EP [Laughing Aah~]. And Oyster Boys talked about how to put together the band’s individual emotions into musical expressions. They have chosen 김원구 (Vocal, Guitar), 정신우 (Drum, Programming) and 김민규 (from Plastic People) as co-producers of the album and started recording demo versions of the songs they have been performing live thus far. They picked out the songs to be on the album after numerous recordings of the demo, and discussed arrangements for each song to well convey the emotions. The work started in summer, passed fall and rushed up to winter, just as the lyrics of the first song from the studio album, “Yuki Underground” – ‘From the spacious summer to the suffocating winter / I walk and lean over the rotating seasons.’
One thing we have decided and talked over and over was that we should boldly express the atmosphere of the song and chose to develop personality rather than be neat and yet unoriginal. This direction was maintained from the recording to mixing and ended up with the title of the album [Tiger Soul].

Oyster Boys completed the first studio album with twelve songs, unraveling complex feelings sometimes in energetic rock rhythms and sometimes in relaxed groove, and included all the genres from happy pop to psychedelic rock.
The songs include “I Must Love,” inspired by the melody that just popped up in the head, “Have a Nice Day” and “Doors Open,” showing the Oyster Boys’ faith in reggae, “Greenish Room” capturing the true moments of everyday life, “H2,” taking after the preset number of the synthesizer that inspired the song, “M83,” recorded live from the performance at Club Bbang, “City Tour Bang Bang Bang,” recorded in one take with another band “A Better Tomorrow.” [Tiger Soul] includes all these honest twelve songs full of emotions that you can feel at a certain place and at a certain time.
You can sympathize all moments of laughter and tears, listening to [Tiger Soul]. That is Oyster Boys’ pop, rock and the groove!



released March 12, 2009



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