Untitled (2nd Album)

by Glittering Blackness, Fall



Glittering Blackness, Fall is a seven piece, experimental-instrumental band that formed in 2007 in Daejeon, South Korea. Their first album, [Untitled], was self-released in 2010 and then released in Japan in 2012 by Ultra Vybe. It was ranked in ‘The Top 100 Releases of 2010’ on The Silent Ballet. Their second untitled album, released four years after their first album, grappled with the same subject matter but with a new approach. The intent of the first album was to take an introspective attitude; where as, the second album explores a more foreign perspective. Through the shifting viewpoint in the second album, they emphasize the contrast between inner expansion and outside forces. They present a theme and build on it through a slow progression of variations. The musical energy gradually climbs outward as the album’s narrative unfolds, binding the tracks together. The new record expands on ideas presented in their first album creating a direct connection between the two works. Both tracks, “3”, from their debut album, and “3-1”, on the new record, examine the steps we take when confronting our inner selves. Through this confrontation, “”3-2” recognizes that existence itself is empty with no immediate purpose. “3-3” expresses our will to move on in light of that realization. “4” continues the themes from “3-3” with its intro and “5” brings the listener to the change where the will itself becomes the meaning of our existence. The last song, “out-in” opens the door for their next album where themes of positive change will be further explored. All songs on this album were recorded in one take at Stone Age Studio with genuine emotion. Videos for all songs will be released according to track order.

Glittering Blackness, Fall
Song YoungHoon : Bass
Jeon SangHo : Drum
Yang JiHyun : Keyboard
Shin JaeWook : Guitar
Jeong JaeWoong : Guitar
Kim HakSoo : Saxophone, Ambient Sound
Kim WonKook : Motion Graphic


released July 3, 2014



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