1. Big Baby Driver X E Hyeji
    Big Baby Driver X E Hyeji

  2. irregular

  3. Here I Am
    Billy Carter

  4. Secrets Beyond The Room
    Secret Asian Men

  5. bbdTRIO

  6. Spring Will Come
    The March Kings

  7. 꿈의 편집 Dream Edit
    홍갑 Honggap

  8. A Wail

  9. 망명(亡明) EXILE
    이아립 earip

  10. 이인자의 철학 Philosophy of Secondee
    이호석 ehosuk

  11. Billy Carter The Yellow EP
    Billy Carter

  12. Big Summer Night
    Say Sue Me

  13. Billy Carter The Red EP
    Billy Carter

  14. Short Pieces of Music
    Kang Asol & Bora Im Trio

  15. 산타는 너의 유리창을 두드리지 않을 거야 / Santa don't knock at your window
    김태춘 / Kim Taechun

  16. We've Sobered Up
    Say Sue Me

  17. A Story of a Boring Monkey And a Baby Girl
    Big Baby Driver

  18. Untitled (2nd Album)
    Glittering Blackness, Fall

  19. Good Morning Song (Single)
    Big Baby Driver & MOCCA

  20. Honest Heart
    Kang Asol

  21. A Bunch of Eyes
    Kim Mokin

  22. Avalokiteśvara EP

  23. drooled and slobbered
    dringe augh

  24. 가축병원블루스 Animal Hospital Blues
    김태춘 Kim Taechun

  25. 2story EP

  26. 5th Anniversary Electric Muse
    Various Artists

  27. A thoughtful night
    Kim Mokin + Big Baby Driver

  28. Big Baby Driver
    Big Baby Driver

  29. Song of Musician's-self
    Kim Mokin

  30. between the tygh
    Dringe Augh

  31. Ultimate Psychedelic

  32. Loose Energy
    Oyster Boys

  33. EP

  34. Bihang Girl EP
    Bihang Girl

  35. Dora

  36. Goodnight Shining EP
    Vidulgi OoyoO

  37. Snap
    Plastic People

  38. individually Wrapped
    Dringe Augh

  39. Tiger Soul
    Oyster Boys

  40. From the Cradled to the Grave

  41. Sweet Night

  42. Aero
    Vidulgi OoyoO

  43. Warm Hello from the Sun

  44. LAUGHING Aah-

  45. Folk, Ya!
    Plastic People

  46. Last One
    Dabang Band

  47. Plastic People
    Plastic People


electric muse Republic of Korea

We are an indie record label in Korea, Electric Muse. We have produced 20 albums so far since 2006 and have been active around Seoul local music scene in Korea.
If you visit our label myspace (www.myspace.com/electricmuse), you can get some brief information as well as some selected songs.
Contact : mynci1732@gmail.com
B1, 479-77, Mangwon2-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea, 121-826
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