individually Wrapped

by Dringe Augh



The Guitar in My Room, and the Beginning of Acoustic Folk
Folk Singer-Songwriter Dringe Augh’s EP [individually wrapped]

Openly-tuned acoustic guitar, finger picking with simple strumming, and the melody you sing from the bottom of the heart… Dringe Augh is a singer and a writer from the folk era that sang with only one acoustic guitar.
Dringe Augh, after participating as a Peppermint Onanism in the album [Club Bbang 1 Compilation], started to go solo from 2001 when the band separated. He released self-produced EP [Milky Way] and self-produced demos [Caramel Home], [Chocolate Lounge], [Banana Bath], [Rye Downstair] on- and off-line. He has been performing mainly at Salon Badabie since 2006.

Whereas the main focuses of Peppermint Onanism were “noise” and “roof,” Dringe Augh emphasizes on the stories from the dream, the emotions felt when interacting with people, or the pieces so extremely personal that nobody else other than Dringe Augh himself would know.
“My folk songs so selfishly personal…maybe I should call it folklore,” says Dringe Augh. His EP [individually wrapped] includes 7 songs that show his personal feelings and thoughts. “Shelled,” a short memory of meeting somebody in the dream, “Tutelar” featuring Eunji Song from Small Acacia Band, “Hearted,” that confesses his feelings to his beloved, “Younger” that features Mok-in Kim from Cabinet Sing-along’s for piano…His calm songs embrace everything to convey a flow of feelings in our minds.

“You see the moon when you open the window in my room. It’s faced towards the East, so you see it first when the sun or the moon arises. When I hold my guitar in my arms facing my window, all my exhaustion, irritation, and hardships disappear. And I only think of my dreams from last night or the people that I miss. I guess they could be my inspiration. My genre…? I don’t know, I just unravel my emotions through my guitar. I don’t know how to put those emotions in words so I just want to tell those stories through guitar, melody, or the absurd lyrics.” (Dringe Augh)


released June 25, 2009



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