by Vidulgi OoyoO



Sound Does Matter
Drone noise led by the arpeggios, and the voices floating in between. Vidulgi OoyoO (literally translated into “Pigeon Milk”) expands their own psychedelia through shoegazing and slowcore, both of which characterized the indie scenes of the early 90’s.
Vidulgi OoyoO, formed in 2003, has been pursuing consistent soundscape. For the band, musical wave was a factor as important as the structure of the song and the melody, and the voice also possessed an essential role as a part of the sound. Naturally what the band considered the most important when recording and mixing the first album was the tone of each sound and the sense of space.
In the debut album [aero], the guitar noise from afar meets the groovy rhythms and sometimes the guitar sound with full of distortion sounds encounters the mellow melody; the layers of music include ample trails of emotions. The ethereal feeling when the noise is fully amplified; that’s the psychedlia of Vidulgi OoyoO.

It flows into aero
The guitarist Jong Suk Lee, after leaving La Vie En Rose, and the drummer Jong Min Lee met the bassist Ki Hoon Sung from Navijo and the vocal/guitarist Sung Hee Kim (also active in a band Mysterious a Call) and formed Vidulgi OoyoO in 2003. The following year had to face Jong Min Lee’s joining the army service and the withdrawal of Sung Hee Kim; after taking a break for awhile, the band brought in the vocal/guitarist Jihye Ham from Greenish Yellow and the drummer Yongjun Lee and resumed performing. Mainly active in Salon Badabie, Vidulgi OoyoO released the digital single album [Elephant/Siren] in January of 2007.
It was the summer in the same year that Vidulgi OoyoO joined Electric Muse. Jae Kyung Song, the leader of the band Shadow Castle and also the CEO of Tune Table Movement, introduced Vidulgi OoyoO to Electric Muse and the meeting immediately proceeded to the start of recording their first album. Kye Hyun Shin of Daydream took the position of producer and the main engineer and the Electric Muse family, like Min Kyu Kim and Won Gu Kim also took part as engineers as needed.

Starting the album with the song “Siren” full of guitar noise, Vidulgi OoyoO’s first debut album [aero] shows wide range of soundscape of the noise-friendly shoegazing band; the songs include “Seeing Me Through Your Eyes” that shows the transformation from slowcore to noise rock, already-much-popular-in-the-Hongdae-scene “Elephant,” a ten-minute instrumental song that defines the identity of Vidulgi OoyoO “Murmur’s Room,” “I Might Be You,” that reminds people of Slowdive, “Even Freedom,” that receives the most reaction at the concert, the song with the same title of the album “Aero,” and the bonus track “Elephant (Love Mix),” remixed by DJ Highrise, the drummer of Oyster Boys.

So now, put on your headphones and turn the volume way up. You will experience your heart beat becoming the sound, and the sound becoming the emotion again, coming back to you as a feedback. That is Vidulgi OoyoO’s psychedelia.


released April 3, 2008



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